Watch Memes: The Exciting Benefits

The internet has truly become one of the most important things that are being brought about by the present technology. As a matter of fact, internet comes with a massive and huge structure which is generally composed of millions and millions of sites and countless lengths. With these realities taking place on the online world, there is a particular entity which has become truly popular on the internet and this is called meme.
Meme: What is This All About
When we say meme, we simply mean that this can be in the form of a video, a text, a picture or an idea which has earned extreme popularity at a given period of time. Or, this particular stuff has truly become viral or has been known to a great deal of people at a certain period of time. In fact, posting a meme simply entails simple ways such as posting simple things such as photos a picture of your pet or anything which you think can capture the interest of the online viewers.
Creating as Meme
The first thing that you need to do in the first place before planning to create a meme is to conceptualize the entirety of the meme as a whole. Is the meme you are thinking about can greatly affect the senses of the people watching it? When someone intend to watch meme, he should get in the way to tell himself that the meme he is watching is truly worth it simply because it is unique and different.
Remember that people watch meme because they really want to see something new and something that can great enhance their viewing experience. And one thing more, you have to make sure that the meme that you are planning to make should be of great value and relevance to the viewers as well. This simply means that when the people are through watching your meme, they can sense that they have learned something new from it.
In other words, a meme should not only be that funny or hilarious in many ways. It should also be delivered with a great sense of substance so that people would come back to you and watch more meme stuffs that you simply post on your site.
Watch Meme: the Advantage
watch memes The fact is that there is not only one but more advantages that you can simply get when you watch memes. Aside from the fact that you will simply learn and perceive something new, this will also give you the opportunity to market anything you want to promote using the power of the internet. As a matter of fact, many online marketers make use of memes to promote what they have to offer to their target audiences online. And for sure, these marketers have really gotten in the way to achieve the kind of success rate they simply want to achieve along their way.
So those are the exciting benefits of watching memes. And if you wish to watch more of these stuffs, you can simply click your way at Daily Gags today!


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Do Dummy Cameras Work?

While the best choice of surveillance camera is pretty easy to figure out from using high quality best surveillance cameras Review and other internet resources, a similar amount of time isn’t given to the useful security feature that is the dummy camera. They’re a great idea, but the big question is- do they actually work?

So, do dummy cameras work, then?

The quick answer is yes. The more reasoned one is- what do you want them to work at doing? They can make for a great part of an integrated security system if used correctly. They aren’t perfect security solutions in themselves, however.

Dummy cameras are an appealing idea. They’re cheap, so you can augment you security setup easily, and they of course require nothing to run. They enable you to provide ‘visible’ camera presence without the usual worries of vandalization. You can even combine them efficiently with actual cameras, to encourage thieves to focus on the dummy cameras and not notice the real ones watching their every move. They’re also a great way to make a spartan surveillance system appear bulkier and more comprehensive, whilst still enabling you to ‘swap out’ the dummies for real ones as you go.

What makes a good dummy camera?

As with real security cameras, you need to consider the placement of your dummy camera carefully. You want to match the dummy to the real sort of camera most appropriate for your setup- which means dome cameras where you’d use a real dome camera, ‘expensive’ models where they’d be used etc. The whole idea is to convince the world that every camera is a real one. Make sure you also comply with local laws regarding the use of cameras- this generally means displaying security camera signs. Not complying with this law is a dead giveaway that your cameras are fake.

Where should I use them?

Dummy cameras are no dummies. They do, in fact, look incredibly real- and most brands offer look-alike dummies to help you camouflage your system totally. Of course, they will let you down if an intruder takes the challenge- unlike their real cousins, they are recording and storing no data, and you will have nothing to fall back on for evidence or identification down the line. They can have massive deterrent value though, as mentioned above, and the clever combination of dummies and real cameras can greatly enhance the security setup of your premises. Smartly used dummy cameras can even force burglars and intruders to ‘identify’ themselves to the real cameras whilst ‘disabling’ the dummies.

The key is, of course, to use them smartly. As with all potential security mechanisms, they’re great when used in the right way, but your security system should never become all about one feature. You should instead seek to use a combination of available security features to maximize your protection, and this can be done on even the tightest budget. If you’re not sure how best to integrate dummy cameras into your security setup, consult a professional for some assistance.

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Top 5 Coffee brands

There are a lot of coffee brands as well as Best espresso machines in the world, however not all of them are known worldwide, or at least most of the world.

In this top 5 we look at some of the most renowned, honored, appreciated and awarded brands of coffee, and some of them have even changed the face of the Earth as we know it today.

#5 – Maxwell House

The reason for this particular brand of coffee being number 5 on our list is the fact that it is consumed on mass by a lot of people, however there is not much else to be said about it.

It does deliver that classical taste of coffee that you used to drink back in the day, however not much else to be honest, it was due to pure sales numbers and pure popularity that this brand even made it into the top 5

#4 – Boss Coffee

Marketed in the past as the coffee for the hard boss, or the coffee with an attitude, it actually served a purpose higher than that without even realizing it. It was among one of the very few wake-up calls in that age (do keep in mind that this was in the 30’s and 40’s) which made people realize that they don’t have to take anything for granted.

#3 – Starbucks

Starbucks is special, not just because it is one of the most famous coffee brands in the world, but also because of the success story of its CEO Howard Schultz, a story about a young man that started with nothing but a dream and managed to build one of the most world renowned and successful coffee house empires in the world.

Plus the coffee is not bad to begin with.

#2 – Nescafe

Nescafe is not exactly a coffee brand to be scoffed at, on the contrary, after a ton of awards and international recognition, it is one of the most popular and bought coffee brands of the day. It sells in over 60% of the countries in the world, and it is being bought on mass by companies for their employees, universities for both the students and the faculty, and even hospitals for their patients.

It is indeed a truly popular coffee but not as popular as the coffee brand in the number 1 spot of our countdown.

#1 – Jacobs

Jacobs is the #1 coffee brand for a reason, the same reason for which it has kept the same format over the years, because it works.

It manages to offer its clients exactly what they are looking for, in the form that they are looking for. Great coffee with a lot of aroma and a great taste, which will not only jump start you in the morning, but will also last throughout the day and make you enjoy everything that you do, including that cubicle job that you are desperately trying to get out of.

There are multiple ways in which you can judge a brand of coffee, but only one way of truly savoring it.


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Corporate Video Production-2D &3D Animation

The impact of sound and moving pictures is unsurpassed whether you need to sell a service or product, train, inform, educate, promote, motivate or even to broadcast a message. According to research, people tend to remember only about 20% of what they hear, what they see is 30% and they remember 70% of what they see and hear. A video will improve the understanding and also help explain your idea, service or product to the audiences that you intend to reach hence reduces the amount of training and support that is required. A video will boost your SEO brand presence hence generate buzz, break through to people and build your following.

When you wish to narrate your story when your product is still in production, ideas are abstract or your product is still in the process; 3D modeling and animation is the best way to go about it. By having a video in your website, you are likely to appear on the first page of Google’s search results 53x. You can place your video on you tube. You Tube streams more than 6 billion videos and receives more than 100 million unique visitors monthly. The use of video as an online advertising medium and messaging is skyrocketing. Right now, video is the most effective medium that one can use to reach your target audience. 3D models can be used in an unlimited number of video and print projects including product shots and instruction manuals, demonstration, architectural tours, presentations, interior design, product advertising and trade show displays. 2D animation helps to provide the skills and knowledge to create two dimensional animations.

By engaging 2D and 3D video production, motion is able to bring video to life by animating logos, highlighting key points, titling interviewees and helps to describe issues and process what traditional video cannot do. Best Animated video production companies, provides broadcast quality motion graphics at effective prices. Since an explainer video is basically a visual form of advertisement, it strives to increase the conversion rates higher than the emotional level. Video holds the attention of a consumer span longer than anything else as only in a webpage 28% of the text is read by a website’s visitor. 64% of website’s visitors say they are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a related video.

A video animation can help a lot to get your ideas across. All you need is to add some professional graphics and some clean animation to a creative script as this will enable you to make a great impression even without using a traditional video. This is a cost effective way to explain your business to your clients and it can be done best with a professional voice or music score. The perfect way to tell your story when your business ideas and concept are impossible or difficult to explain with traditional video or when you do not have enough funds on location filming is by using animated videos.


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Why Use a Lund Key Cabinet?

Do you have a lot of keys lying around in your place of work or even at home? Managing hundreds or even thousands of keys, especially for large businesses and establishments, is just about impossible without a key cabinet.


For Both Professional and Personal Use


A key cabinet is beneficial to any business involved in handling a number of keys for different units. Such businesses may include realty companies, apartment complexes, commercial offices and other renting and leasing companies. Likewise, car dealerships, car maintenance services and also other businesses with valet parking services need secure storage spaces for the numerous car keys.


Aside from these types of businesses, less complex establishments may also need a key cabinet. In fact, even a simple household may need a small secure storage space in order to organize the keys for each entry point to the house and for the doors to each room.


Whether it will be used for professional or personal purposes, having a key cabinet can be very valuable. Simply reading one Lund Key cabinet review; can already give you a glimpse of the numerous benefits of having such a key storage solution.


For Easy Management


If you are in charge of keeping a lot of keys, labeling each one of them and putting them on a single key ring will not be very practical. Going through these keys that look almost the same every single time you need to open or lock a room can take up a lot of time and effort. They can also be a hassle to always carry around.


With a key cabinet, you can leave these keys in a safe and secure place without having to excessively worry. The slots especially designed to handle the rings can also make it easy to locate the key that you need.


For Safety and Security


Putting important items such as keys in non-secure storage spaces such as shelves and normal cabinets can be very dangerous. Any person can steal the keys and use it for criminal acts.


Carrying them around on your waist or in a pouch can also be unsafe. For one, there may be a great chance for you to accidentally drop or leave them somewhere. Also, this can give other people a chance to take the set of keys when you are not paying attention.


If these important keys get taken, you will have to painstakingly look for the keys until you find them. You might even be forced to change all of the locks in the entire house or building. Losing the keys can put your business and your safety in jeopardy.


Why Trust Lund for Your Key Cabinets?


Lund has been in the business of providing a wide array of key storage solutions for over 70 years. To browse through their selection, feel free to visit the Lund Equipment page of Key Box Solutions.


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Know More About Musicians To Be One.

Although you can just show your stuff to people and possibly become instantly popular to people, it’s still best to read about how things that are related to music artists in general. That’s because reading about how people came to be and how artists are at present could help you with a lot of things. You could get references by knowing the path taken by recording artists and it’s when you read about musicians wherein you would also be able to understand their styles better. Basically, when you get more information about celebrity artists like “Jay z net worth information” you would be able to know some essential things like which artist you could appeal to in order to get help from them. There are still more reasons why you should know more about recording musicians. For the specifics that could help you out, please proceed by reading what’s written below.

Try to know which artist earns lots of money in order to know which record label company and which persons you should appeal to. Although there are lots of studios wherein you could record some songs or let yourself be heard, it’s best to appeal to those recording studios which have made it big. Some people buy songs from specific record labels and that’s why you should choose a company that could advertise yourself as well. It’s important that you contact people who’ve already made people known to the public as well. It’s when you do so wherein you could have an advantage over others who are trying to become popular too. However, just because a person is helpful, it doesn’t meant that you have to contact him or her directly. You should try to know about an individual better by doing some research about him or her before approaching him or her whenever or wherever you can. Make a list of studios where you could record and find some people who can assist you for you to make a name for yourself eventually.

Read about a recording artist who does similar to what you do. Go for someone who’ve inspired you to sing or play or someone who is popular and has the same style as you. If you’re someone who works alone, you should read about a solo artist. Of course, if you’re planning to be in a band, you should read about the background of someone who plays an instrument or sings in a band. Whoever you’d read about, you should try to understand the specific aspects about his or her style. You could get information about his or her techniques and then try it for yourself. To be original, although you’d be basing from someone, you could modify the style of an artist. You should, however, practice your style on a regular basis in order to sharpen your skills and so that you’d possibly be able to impress people with what you do. Try to be unique. The fact is that no one likes a copycat. If you think your method seems to be imitating someone else’s, try changing it or at least modifying it in a way.

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GoPro Mount and other things you need to know before purchasing your very own GoPro

Every product ever invented and offered in the market today is a result of people trying to offer a solution or an answer to the different wants and needs of every individual. If there is a need, then there is surely a market for it. This is what most businessman and companies believe and follow. They take advantage of what a lot of people is looking for and mass produce these items in order to cover up for all the demand. The creator of the different GoPro units has the same story before he was able to create this one of a kind product. Nick Woodman was inspired to go into this kind of business after coming home from a trip in Australia last 2002. He is a surfing enthusiast and wants to document every move he makes in order to study it more and better improve his style. However, there were only amateur photographers who have cameras with the highest quality possible but simply cannot go near him as the water can damage their equipment. Most waterproof cameras with high resolution and can be used in this kind of activity are very expensive and are found only in limited retail shops. So when he got back, he started to research and study on what kind of technology he can use that will help create this product.


Several venture companies that include the Steamboat Ventures, a big company affiliated with Walt Disney Corporation, Sageview Capital, Riverwood Capital, U.S. Venture Partners and Walden International financed the parent company of Nick Woodman’s corporation that assisted him with everything he needed to create this product. In 2004, the very first camera system was made but it used a 35mm film version. It started from providing a 10 second clips and 3 megapixel cameras to the latest and most up to date camera the company offers which are the Hero 3 White Edition, Hero 3+ Silver Edition and the Hero 3+ Black Edition.


The base unit that costs only $199.99 has the following items included in the package; the GoPro unit, a 131’/40M waterproof housing, rechargeable Li-on battery, quick release buckle, 1 curved + flat adhesive mount and a USB cable. The Hero 3+ Silver Edition also has the same items inside its package but has a higher capacity Li-on battery, a vertical quick release buckle, a 3-way pivot arm and a mounting hardware. Similarly, the Hero 3+ Black edition has the same inclusions with an additional WIFI remote and WIFI remote charging cable.


The company also offers various kinds of GoPro Mount suitable for the way every person wants to use it.  Each of the 24 mounts are designed to be use for different purposes. Some can be attached to poles, seats inside the car, surfboard, wrist, chest, used in a helmet, etc.


If you want to capture all the priceless adventures you have been to, it is important to invest in this one of a kind product that is surely worth every dollar you spent.


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Pomeranian Husky Guide to help you make a Choice for an Ideal Pet

Designer dogs are gaining a lot of popularity. It isn’t surprising to see designer dogs dressed in the best creative costumes during dog shows. One popular kind of designer dog is the Pomeranian husky or more popularly known as the pomsky. These cute and cuddly dogs have purebred Pomeranian and Siberian husky as parents which make them distinctly unique from other dogs. The price of the puppies from the reputable breeders ranges from $1,000 to $3,000 that is why a lot of people are riding on to the popularity of pomskys. In order to avoid fraud and scams, make sure to read the following pomeranian husky guide.

Pomeranian + Siberian husky = pomsky

The internet is your best source of information regarding the Pomeranian and Siberian husky, their physical traits and characteristics, temperament, size and general appearance. Knowing the traits of the parents will guide you whether the dog will meet your expectations as an ideal pet for the family.

Size and appearance – Pomeranians are cute little dogs that are highly active and alert. They look like little pompoms that need frequent attention. Their colors vary but they have a thick double coat that needs regular brushing to avoid shedding. The Siberian husky is a beautiful dog breed that comes with a thick coat in a multitude of colors. The intelligent blue eyes make the husky quite interesting. A pomsky tends to look like one of the parents but with a considerably smaller size. Most will look like a small husky with the blue eyes and a thicker topcoat. No matter which side the dog takes after, it is considered to be a beautiful dog.

Ears and tail – the ears should be erect and the tail should be curved over the back. These are characteristics that are quite common for both breeds. If the dog’s ears fail to come up and stand up all the time or if the tail is uncurled, your dog might not come from purebred parents. Although these characteristics should not distract you from owning a pet dog, they may disqualify a dog from being a pomsky.

Temperament – the Siberian husky is intelligent and energetic and requires regular exercise otherwise they can be challenging for first-time husky owners. Pomeranians are also active and intelligent but they can be a handful if not given the right discipline. Your pomsky will naturally inherit the temperament of the parents but due to the nature of mix breeds you might want to ensure whether the parents are purebreds so that healthy strong pomskys can be expected. They take well to training and with a great amount of patience; you can have good loyal pets.

Puppy cost – the high demand for pomskys make them quite rare. There are not many breeders who are into crossbreeding that is why the price of this dog is relatively high compared to other dogs. Beware though of so-called breeders who are taking advantage of the popularity and low supply of these dogs. With information as your guide, you will not be duped into paying thousands of dollars for a fake.

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Spreading The Art Throughout The World

Ever since Japanese paper folding spread to the Western world in the 19th century, this art form became widely popular and accepted. Origami showcase is common in museums all over the world. Since the material of choice for the art form is paper which disintegrates quickly, older creations are not necessarily what one sees on display. In fact, in Japan, paper folding was originally used for religious purposes until it became popularized in the 17th century, when it became considered as a child’s game or an adult’s hobby until the 20th century. By the mid-20th century, paper folding was recognized as an art form and paper creations were considered to be of interest in galleries in museums. As a result, in most exhibitions, contemporary artists’ works are on display.

The most prominent contemporary artist, Akira Yoshizawa (1911-2005), is a primary reason for Japanese paper folding’s status as a living art form. He was the first modern professional paper-folding artist, and in 1955, with the help of a Dutch architect, he organized his first overseas exhibition to the Stedeljik Museum in Amsterdam, a museum of modern and contemporary art. His work was selected to be displayed at the Stedeljik Museum because it was revolutionary: he developed new geometric techniques like the sideways turn of the bird base, and new folding techniques like wet folding. The Stedeljik Museum’s exhibition of Yoshizawa’s work sparked more exhibitions of his work all over the world, including an exhibition at the Louvre in 1998.

The first paper-folding exhibition in the United States also arose out of Yoshizawa’s fame. In 1959, New York City’s private arts college, the Cooper Union, hosted the first exhibition ever in the United States, entitled Plane Geometry and Fancy Figures. Artists from all over the world, including Yoshizawa, participated. Recently, in 2014, the Cooper Union once again used some of those works in a new exhibition, entitled Surface to Structure: Folded Forms. It showcased the older artworks, from 1959, and some of the most innovative modern Japanese paper folding. All in all, 134 works from eighty-eight different artists are displayed. The artists hail from five different continents, making this exhibition an international affair. The art displayed ranges from traditional folded animals, to masks, to baskets, to lattices and tessellations.

This and other exhibitions try to showcase the range of modern paper-folding ideas and techniques. Many modern paper-folding artists want to explore “the connection between paper-folding and mathematics, science, and design,” as the 2012 exhibition Folding Paper at the Japanese-American Museum stated. The exhibition was dedicated to exploring the “infinite possibilities” in the contemporary version of the art form. The collection ended up touring around the west coast of the United States.

Thanks to the pioneering work of great artists like Akira Yoshizawa and his 20th century contemporaries, Japanese paper folding has become a living art form. Exhibitions all over the world have permitted people all over the world to become aware of this kind of art and have allowed new paper folding artists to be born out of many different countries on many different continents.

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Buy Restaurant Equipment Nyc And Things To Consider Before Investing Into Anything

Nothing in this world is permanent. Our age continuously increase, our physical appearance gradually changes and the different events in our lives continue to evolve. We can never stop aging, but we can always control the various significant events happening in our lives. What we decide to do today and our perspective surely has a big effect on what will happen to us in the future. That is why it is very important that as early as now we weigh our options, the possible consequences of our actions and other factors before we invest in anything.

One of things that people have a hard time accepting is the change in their physical appearance. Some value the importance of having a good outer look that they invest in various kinds of medical procedures and products to maintain the way they look. As we age, our skin tends to sag, our face starts to wrinkle and we tend to store more fats than we ever did due to the fact that our metabolism starts to slow down as we age. As a result of this growing demand of people who are looking for the best answer to this problem, various medical doctor ventures into becoming a cosmetic surgeon or a dermatologist. It may be a great interest in this field of medicine or the possible high income returns in the future that pushes these individuals to invest their time, which constitutes more than ten years of studying and passing licensure examinations and hand-on training before they finally become one.

A person who decides to undergo the knife must consider the different consequences of doing this. Not only are they investing a few thousands of dollars, which depends on the kind of procedure, but also they are somehow putting themselves in risk of potential side effects or even their lives just as long they get the physical appearance they want. Medical enhancements are available to anyone for as long as they have enough resources to pay for it. It gives you a hope that you can stay the way you look for a couple of years more. That is why it is important to think about it a lot of times before finally deciding if it is worth the money you will spend and if it serve its purpose for a long time.

Investing in the way a person looks physically is similar to investing in the right kind of equipment to use in your business. For example, you are in the food industry, it is important to top restaurant equipment new york
that has the best quality possible which is sold for a very reasonable price. When it provides superb quality, you won’t need to purchase the same kind of equipment after a few years of using. This product should serve its purpose considering you’ve invested thousands of dollars for it. As the years go by, it undergoes a wear and tear process due to everyday use. We can never stop it from looking old as its value depreciates. Nevertheless, we can invest in various kinds of procedures to make it perform well and look go on the outside.

We can never stop the hands of time. However, our perspective in life and the things we value the most will certainly have a big effect on us. We should always weigh our options and the different factors affecting it in order to invest into something very useful and will be very beneficial to us in the coming years.

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The 8 Mistakes Businesses Make In Designing A Brochure

Have you created your first brochure to showcase your business and offer prospective clients a chance to get to know you? If so, look at our list of top mistakes made by business owners and decide whether it might need a bit of a makeover (and congratulations if you have successfully avoided all of these!). If you are about to design and print your first brochure, read carefully and learn from other’s mistakes to make the best of your budget and objectives.

1. Too much text – brochures are meant to be brief introductions, not detailed outlines. If you have spared images, colors, and shapes in favour of long passages, protracted headlines, complex jargon words and endless lists or elaborate descriptions, your brochure is failing to pinpoint the essential, grab the attention and interest the reader.

2. Too many colors – using bright, contrasting colors is essential for the aesthetic quality of your brochure. In this sense, dark blue text on a black background just doesn’t make for an easy read. Make sure you stick to your brand’s specific colors as well. This makes the brochure identifiable with your company or product and complements your marketing efforts.

3. Too many pictures – images are good. In fact, they should be the main focus of your brochure. An attractive image that is clear, bright and professional is your best chance of catching a reader’s attention. Too many images or too detailed ones may pull the focus off your main point.

4. Poor choice of material – it is a shame to produce a great design and ruin it with flimsy paper or an unprofessional printer service. Browse in your industry forums or talk to a fellow business owner with good experience.

5. Irrelevant content – it is natural to try to make your brochure more appealing by sticking an image of an attractive woman or a cute pet, but this might not ring the right bell with your potential customer. We are not saying that you should have a bland picture of your product either, but rather an illustration to your concept or message.

6. No call to action – you have provided all necessary information to the brochure’s reader, but so what? There is probably a ton of similar information from your competitors out there and unless you are the only business in town, it is a good idea to include a special incentive for the customer, such as a free visit, a discount code, a complementary product or service, etc.

7. Ineffective font – we are lazy readers, especially when it comes to marketing materials. If it’s not easy to read it, we will simply drop it. Use large enough, easy to read fonts that are aligned with your brand as well.

8. No contact information – you have given your brochure your all – a catchy title, a lovely image, a short and easy to read text, a call-to-action, a beautiful glossy finish and no means for the client to reach back to you. Contact information should be conveniently placed and offer more than one method of reaching out.

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Copper cookware has begun forming one of the very important kitchen utensils all over the world on account of its ability to handle food in a better way than other utensils. They have really taken the culinary world by storm with the host of benefits that they provide and the ease with which they can be used.

But, according to the copper cookware reviews or the best wok solution, in order to keep the copper utensils as good as the ones just bought from the market and to ensure that they keep performing in a proper manner for a long time, it is extremely important to care for them and maintain them using the proper techniques that can help to ensure that the damage and the wear of the cookware can be reduced to a minimum amount.

Here are some important tips that can help you maintain the copper cookware that you have in your homes:-

• While washing the copper utensils, the set strictly dissuades the users from putting them in a dishwasher and recommends washing by hand. In that case too, it should be taken care that no scrubs etc. are used on the copper surface of the utensil.

• Only hot soapy water is recommended for washing the copper dishes.

• The copper cookware, after washing, should never be allowed to air-dry. In fact, a soft cloth drying process immediately after washing them will be more suitable for the nature of the copper utensils.

• Go for regular polishing to keep the copper’s dazzle unaffected. There are various kinds of copper polishes available in the market. According to

• The lining of the copper utensils gradually wears off after a certain span of time. Hence, it is absolutely necessary that it is replaced when the need be. Cooking without the lining of the utensil intact is absolutely not recommended by the experts.

• In case a sticky kind of grease gets stuck to the copper surface of the utensil, it should be soaked in hot water and the opaque grease should be wiped off with a sponge to ensure that the shiny surface below it can be exposed. The small surfaces like handles etc. should be cleaned by means of a baby toothbrush

• In case the copper pots and pans get all tarnished and black after a frying session, the key to getting them cleaned is scrubbing using a lemon juice and salt solution. This will help get rid of the tarnish as much as possible.

• Never stir the food with any type of abrasive utensil that can mar the metal in any way. Instead, stick to the varieties recommended by the reviews that are not so hard on the utensil surface.

• The hot and humid environment that is often present in the kitchens can lead to the discolouration of the copper surface. To avoid it, ensure that the storage is done in an area that is as dry, moisture-free and as cool as possible.

• Never try to preheat the copper vessels as it can lead to a compromise in the integrity of the copper surface and damage it over a span of a number of uses.

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